Wanted Suspects

If you have any information about these crimes or any person(s) involved, you are urged to call Crime Stoppers or submit a Web Tip.  You do not have to give your name CRIME STOPPERS will pay a cash reward of up to $1000 and you can remain anonymous.
Assault with a deadly weapon
Wanted as of 2017/06/07
Name: Saldivar, Kris
Gender: Male   Race: Hispanic
DOB: Unknown   Age: Unknown
Height: 5ft 4in   Weight: 180 lbs
Hair:  Black   Eyes: Brown
Parole Violation
Name: Daniels, Charlie Lee
Alias: Outlaw
Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian
DOB: 1973/11/12   Age: 44
Height: 6ft 1in   Weight: 220 lbs
Hair:  Brown   Eyes: Hazel
Forgery Financial Instrument / Fraud
Wanted as of 2017/01/12
Name: Eureste, Christina
Alias: Elaina Marie Acosta and Mexican Princess
Gender: Female   Race: Hispanic
DOB: 1981/05/05   Age: 36
Height: 5ft 5in   Weight: 175 lbs
Hair:  Brown   Eyes: Brown
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